With so much heart…Mitchell Louie


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Life is so short and so precious.

When I was a freshman in high school my best friend Mitchell Louie was diagnosed with glioblastoma cancer. The doctors found a tumor in his neck after he had been complaining of back pains for a couple weeks. I can still remember the day that his twin brother Adam told me about what had happened to his brother. I have known Mitchell since I was in kindergarden and it was almost unreal to hear that someone who is 14 years old is diagnosed with a life threatening illness.

I stand by the saying that when one person in diagnosed with cancer, all of their loved ones are diagnosed as well. Not only was Mitchell suffering physically but his family and all of his close friends were mentally suffering with the fact that all that we could do to help was to be a positive light and smiling face during a time when positivity and smiles are never easy to make a reality.

During his diagnosis I learned a lot about myself and the type of person that I am and who I want to be in people’s lives.  The first time I went to go visit Mitchell, I was so incredibly nervous.  I didn’t want to act different but kept thinking “how am I supposed to not act different because things are different.” When I walked into his hospital room I saw him lying-in his hospital bed with a bunch of chords and IVs hanging off of every part of his body. His parents informed me that he wasn’t able to speak because of the extreme effect the surgery had on his body. Instantly I kicked in my story telling and my happy face to try and shed some silliness and fun in his life. The visiting times after that I would visit him it would be the same routine. Him attempting to smile through his pain at my embarrassing and interesting stories I shared with him. At the end of every visit I would give him a kiss on the cheek and tell him I loved him.  That’s all I could do.

Mitchell past away on November 11, 2007. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about him and what a great person he was. He inspired me and so many of our peers through his strength and determination through his diagnosis and even before by just being an amazingly lovable and sincere human being. The amount of love and support I witnessed during this hard time showed me how important and what a significant of an impact Mitchell had on his family and friends.

Through this experience I have learned a lot about life and love. I have never stopped wanting to fight cancer because it is something that ruins lives and should be eliminated in our every day lives.  For this reason I have become passionate for working for the American Cancer Society.  I believe that their motto of promoting and wanting more birthday in the world is fantastic and I support everything that the organization stands for.  They provide so much support to cancer patients and their families and I want so much to e a part of their team. Due to fact that I am graduating I am hoping to apply to work for their national organization to have the opportunity to see how they function at a large non profit level. During this time I will continue to think of Mitchell and to find others to follow me to inspire people to “Finish the Fight” and finally find a cure for cancer.


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